How Music Influences Our Lives

Music can change how we feel

By Javier Méndez

February 21st, 2021

We all know that music makes us feel several emotions, like happiness if we like the song, or sadness if the song reminds us of sad moments, but in general whenever we listen to music our emotions adapt to it. It has been discovered that when we listen to music our nervous system generates substances that improve our happiness and our well-being, such as dopamine or oxytocin. The music can also transform our bad moments or particularly difficult moments into pleasant moments.             

Our nervous system is an important part of this process  

because of the mechanisms that make our feelings explode, literally. We can start feeling good because of the music of the moment or we can start to remember situations that were unhappy for us. No one knows what kind of music makes us feel happy or sad, it depends on the different personalities of each person.

In general, music is an important part of our emotions, and is also used for therapeutic purposes to treat psychological pathologies and increase the quality of life of people.

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