By Marta Areal


This week, all the tensions that you have will slowly disappear and you will recover your calmness. Forget all the bad things and concentrate on the important ones.


You will get stronger and solve all the problems that you have recently had. Your creativity will give you very positive results: something very important is about to happen. 


You may feel like your plans aren’t going as fast as you want to, but right now you have to focus on little details about your life in order to defend your interests.


Some issues are bothering you, but something unexpected can happen and add some positivity to your life. You should be open to new changes and let things flow.


This week is a good moment to reconsider your life goals and start making the plans that you were thinking about. You will meet new people who can end up becoming more than just friends.


You have too many responsibilities, but you won’t leave anything unfinished, even though it will take a lot of your time. In your emotional life, there may be some favourable changes that you will enjoy.


With all the positive energy that you’re having, some of your dreams will come true and luck will be by your side. But remember to follow your instincts in some cases; you will need them.


You will probably have to make difficult decisions that will end up being positive. In your emotional life, there will be very good days and new experiences.


Your next projects will be very important for you and you will be able to make them happen. This week is a very good time to start a new relationship with someone and some new people will appear in your life.


You will have to take care of your family and friends this week. Something very unexpected will happen at work and you should be prepared.


This week, you will be very positive about many things and there will be some happy news in your emotional life. Your feelings will be your main interest these days.


You will have to be very patient because your plans could be postponed and not go as you wanted them to go. Your intuition will be very helpful so you should follow it this week.

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