Os traballos do alumnado de TIC II

Durante este curso o alumando de TIC II realizou dous traballos moi interesantes que compartimos con vos.

O primeiro e a realización dun xogo en Python. Máis de 4000 liñas de código amosan un gran traballo por parte de todo o grupo.

O segundo traballo foi a realización dunha pequena páxina web, lembrando a nosa estancia en Munich. Co final de curso tiveron moi pouco tempo, pero unhas cantas horas extras deixaron estes traballos tan interesantes.

A Vigo Skier Dies

A Vigo skier dies

A man from Vigo dies skiing in Baqueira Beret 

By Elsa Ortega Salgado

18th February 2022

Val d'Aran

The Baqueira Beret station suffers the death of Francisco Vaquero, a skier with 45 years who was enjoying this place with a few friends. 

At about three in the afternoon, they made the decision to go down a ski slope that was closed. This track, called Pasarells, is black double rhombus, which means that it is one of the most difficult tracks in the station. It is also very difficult because it is very narrow and it has rocks and pine trees.

The people who work in the station say that it had been closed for three days because it was in very bad conditions, it was very hard and it had a lot of ice.

Despite that, they decided to take a risk. Francisco fell, with the bad luck that he hit with a pine tree. Immediately a helicopter arrived and took him to the Vielha hospital. He arrived with a pulse , but in the end he died.

From the station they issued a statement giving condolences to family and friends. They also said that we have to take into account if a track is close or not. 

With this death is the second one in the Val d’Aran, is something strange since the last death was several seasons ago.