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     “O Marisquiño” Stays In Vigo

    The famous festival in the city, after several decisions, will come to Vigo for another year so people can enjoy the show

    By Laura López

    March 8th, 2021

    On March 8th, the mayor of Vigo announced that citizens will be able to enjoy the festival, so famous and always so awaited and well-received, next August.

    «The organization’s wish was always to celebrate the event in Vigo.»

    Vigo will once again host an edition of the festival, as it has for the last two decades, after many meetings between the festival management and the event sponsors (both public and private).

    Skateboarding at a past Marisquiño event

    The organization celebrates both the news of their return or continuation in the city and “the great joy and surprise” of the festival’s followers, the general public, the world of culture

    and sports fans, as well as the various economic agents of the city. “It has been a very important factor in deciding that the festival continues. The organization’s wish was always to celebrate the event in Vigo, as it has happened in the previous 19 years.”

    Somersaulting with a BMX

    For this reason, various scenarios have been designed to celebrate the event, always maintaining all technical, health and safety regulations. These plans are maintained, although they may vary depending on how the situation is, but the event may be public for the moment, although all the possibilities remain “open”.

    And what sports are we going to see? Negotiations are ongoing with the different international sports federations such as skateboarding, BMX, 3×3 Basketball and Break Dance present in O Marisquiño.

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    Will Covid-19 Kidnap the Olympics Again?

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics were postponed to 2021, yet not many people believe in its safety

    By Aldara Obeso Álvarez

    March 11th, 2021

    A woman protesting in front of the Olympic rings.

    Japan’s Olympic Committee announced that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be celebrated this summer in spite of the alarming increase of coronavirus cases in the capital. 

    The Olympics are due to begin on July 23rd, but a recent survey found out that around 80% of the Japanese people want a postponement or cancellation. 

    However, the Japanese authorities announced a Preventive Action Plan to avoid new  infections: the athletes will be tested for Covid at least every four days, all the visitors will have to download a phone app for Covid-19 exposure notifications, and it will be forbidden to get within 2 meters of the athletes.

    This year we’ll see some new sports, such as surfing, which will debut on the Pacific Coast of Japan; skateboarding, with two categories: street and park; sport climbing; karate; and baseball. The Organising Committee also added 15 new disciplines, including a mixed team event in archery,  the 1500m women’s and 4x100m mixed event in swimming.

    And there will be more changes: they removed lacrosse, basque pelota, tug of war, and cricket.

    These Olympic games are very special, and the Organising Committee is trying to make them as sustainable as possible. It will be the first time that the Olympic torch is lit with hydrogen, and the medals have been produced from small electronic devices that were provided by people all over Japan.

    But we aren’t sure if we’ll see these medals this summer or if we’ll have to wait until next year to enjoy the games. Only time and Covid will tell.

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    Kobe Bryant Causes of Death Revealed

    One year after the basketball player and his daughter lost their life, the causes of the helicopter accident are revealed

    By Marta Alfaya

    February 10th, 2021

    kobe-bryant-gianna-today-200126-main-01_9a09f5dd9136e7c1e2… | Flickr
    Kobe and Gianna during a basketball match

    On January 26th, 2020, Kobe Bryant, his thirteen-year-old daughter Gianna and six more passengers  were travelling by helicopter when suddenly, the pilot lost control of the vehicle, and it crashed in a hill of Calabasas, California. There weren’t any survivors.

    At first, the results of the investigation concluded that the accident was due to the fog. That day it was too foggy to fly, but they travelled anyway.

    But a year later, newer investigations revealed that the accident was a human mistake. That day, it was too dangerous to fly by helicopter due to the bad weather and the fog, but Bryant needed to travel quickly to get to his daughter’s basketball tournament on time. The pilot, Ara Zobayan, was a professional with lots of years of experience

    who had worked for Bryant before.

    Moments before the crash, Zobayan communicated to flight controllers that the helicopter was ascending correctly. Later, the investigators discovered that really, the vehicle was descending at an ever-increasing speed, but the pilot couldn’t notice it because of the poor visibility produced by the fog, which made him disoriented. The vehicle continued descending until crashing to a hill. 

    Investigations also point out that there weren’t any mechanical failures, but the helicopter didn’t have the “black box” recording devices, which are compulsory to have in this type of vehicle. However, this machine wouldn’t have been useful to prevent the accident. 

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