“O Marisquiño” Stays In Vigo

The famous festival in the city, after several decisions, will come to Vigo for another year so people can enjoy the show

By Laura López

March 8th, 2021

On March 8th, the mayor of Vigo announced that citizens will be able to enjoy the festival, so famous and always so awaited and well-received, next August.

«The organization’s wish was always to celebrate the event in Vigo.»

Vigo will once again host an edition of the festival, as it has for the last two decades, after many meetings between the festival management and the event sponsors (both public and private).

Skateboarding at a past Marisquiño event

The organization celebrates both the news of their return or continuation in the city and “the great joy and surprise” of the festival’s followers, the general public, the world of culture

and sports fans, as well as the various economic agents of the city. “It has been a very important factor in deciding that the festival continues. The organization’s wish was always to celebrate the event in Vigo, as it has happened in the previous 19 years.”

Somersaulting with a BMX

For this reason, various scenarios have been designed to celebrate the event, always maintaining all technical, health and safety regulations. These plans are maintained, although they may vary depending on how the situation is, but the event may be public for the moment, although all the possibilities remain “open”.

And what sports are we going to see? Negotiations are ongoing with the different international sports federations such as skateboarding, BMX, 3×3 Basketball and Break Dance present in O Marisquiño.

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