Self-Love: The New Problem Youth Fight

6 out of 10 teenagers admit they don’t have a high self-esteem, due to our society’s stereotypes.

By Mencía García and África Otero

March 7th, 2021

Our young people today have a serious problem of self-esteem and self-love due to the stereotypes that society establishes about what is considered beauty.

Society has always set standards of beauty, for both men and women,  reaching the point that many people have come to feel bad about themselves for not being able to achieve them. There are standards related to appearance and also to personality.

Some physical stereotypes for women are: to be thin, to have big breasts and buttocks, a small waist and big hips, to have a flat stomach, light eyes and long hair, and be shaved. And some physical stereotypes for men are: to be muscular and tall with light eyes.

Some personality stereotypes for women are: to be superficial, this means that women only can love going shopping, or putting on make-up. Some men’s personality stereotypes are: to be strong, don’t express their feelings.

The only way…is loving ourselves, without thinking about what others may say.

These patterns are received every day through publicity and social media.

Thanks to this, there are more and more cases of teenagers developing eating disorders. They also hide their insecurities as much as they can.

We have to end these stereotypes of trying to follow a «perfect» body. The only way to do it is loving ourselves, without thinking about what others may say. Only in this way can we make sure subsequent generations are not so boxed-in and can be themselves.

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