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Filomena, the storm that left Spain in white

It was the Spanish AEMET that named this storm and said it was the largest snowstorm produced in Spain since 1971.

By Carla Lamelas Pérez

February 2nd, 2021

Muere un hombre en Madrid sepultado por la nieve del temporal 'Filomena' -  Vozpópuli
The storm covered the cars with a lot of snow. 

Filomena was a deep storm named by the Spanish AEMET and the sixth storm named by the South West European Group. It pertains to the 2020-2021 European deep storms. It started as one system but later split into two and it affected more in Spain and less in Portugal between January 6th 11th. It appeared as a warm front in the Central North, but moving to the east towards the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The Teide was covered in snow. In the Iberian Peninsula there was a lot of wind and some floods in the south.

Filomena entered Spain through

the Canary Islands with strong winds and left the high elevations. There were snowfalls of up to 60 centimeters, covering cities such as Madrid. Filomena was the largest snowstorm in Spain since 1971.   

A lot of people were stranded on the roads for hours. Public transport services were suspended. It left many towns in and around the Spanish capital without electricity and hot water. Madrid had its highest 24 hour snowfall in 50 years, with over 50 cm, and there were some people who died.

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