Bullfighting: Culture or Torture?

Spain is divided into two different camps: if bullfights are culture or animal abuse.

By África Otero Quintero

February 11th, 2021

Spectators follow a bullfight at the Las Ventas bullring during the 2019 San Isidro festival in Madrid.

Bullfighting has been part of Spanish culture for centuries, but nowadays many people don’t consider it an art.

Bullfighting is the use of bulls to create so-called art. There are different forms of bullfighting in Spain. 

Here is where the problem is.

Part of the Spanish society is against bullfighting because in their opinion, since the bull enters the bullring and begins to be fought, he suffers until his death. 

They also think that they are unnecessary deaths, simply to entertain the public.

The people who support the bullfights defend that the suffering of the animal isn’t the purpose.

Another argument they use is that bulls are destined to die like other bovine animals.

These opinions provoke disagreements between anti-bullfighting people and people who support bullfighting.

In conclusion, there isn’t a correct opinion. You have to think about the arguments people offer and think if you agree with them to form your own opinion.

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