The Return of The Winx 

The Winx return with the new series «Destiny«.

By Cloe Fuentes

February 3rd, 2021

A scene from the new «Destiny» saga.

Netflix premieres the new «Destiny» Saga inspired by our childhood series «Winx Club» on January 22nd, 2021. At the beginning, Bloom, the main character, arrives at a new high school called Alfea, which is an academy for young fairies where they can learn how to use their power. There, Bloom and her new friends Stela, princess of Solaria and a light fairy, Terra fairy of the earth, Musa, fairy of the mind and Aisha, fairy of the water, find out about a lot of secrets about Alfea, their teachers and themselves. They try to beat the burned ones that are monsters that want to kill them.

In my opinion, the series is very interesting and exciting, because the Winx are more realistic than in the cartoon. They are like regular teenagers and the special effects are very good, but it isn’t too similar to the original «Winx» series, because they change some characters: Layla is called Aisha, Flora is called Terra, and Tecna doesn’t exist. Also, the witches called the Trix (Icy, Darcy and Stormy) in the cartoon don’t exist–instead, there is a character called Beatrix who has storm powers. There aren’t any transformations and the specialists don’t have their own school; they also change some other things in the script. It isn’t really similar to the original «Winx Club», but it’s still good and worth watching.

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